• Become a Six Star Finisher: Berlin, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Boston and London


  • Run a 5 k
  • Run a 10 k
  • Run a half
  • Run a marathon


  • Run more races abroad
  • Run 10 times a 10K race
  • Run 30 times a 10K race
  • Run 10 times a half marathon


  • Race Bucket List (will change once in a while, in no particular order)
  1. Great North Run
  2. San Francisco half / Rock n Roll San Francisco
  3. Royal Parks half
  4. Blenheim palace 10k/half
  5. Reykjavik half
  6. Limassol half
  7. Edinburgh half
  8. Vienna half
  9. Salzburg half
  10. Copenhagen half
  11. Prague half
  12. Rock n Roll Arizona
  13. Rock n Roll Madrid
  14. London Marathon
  15. Tokyo Marathon
  16. Boston Marathon
  17. New York Marathon
  18. Paris Marathon
  19. Rome Marathon
  20. Athens Marathon
  21. Chicago Marathon

2 thoughts on “Goals

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  1. If you’re ever planning to run in the UK – Snowdonia Marathon and Roman Tydfilians (16 ml) are great runs in beautiful Wales.

    Found your Aftershokz review useful.

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