Rotterdam Half Marathon race review

This was my 13th half marathon and the 1st edition of the Rotterdam Half, although not quite. There used to be a half in September in Rotterdam until about 13 years ago. They decided to revive that event, but to hold it in July. Now organizing a race at the end of July is obviously... Continue Reading →

Bruggenloop 2018

The days leading up to this event, it had been a bit stormy. So, I was mainly hoping the weather wouldn't be too bad. This event has been cancelled in the past due to bad weather. The Bruggenloop is a 15k race through Rotterdam and you cross multiple bridges. This year they changed the route a... Continue Reading →

1/4 Marathon Rotterdam Race Recap

Last year I participated in the Mini Marathon Rotterdam, which is 4.2 km. This year I decided to go for the 1/4 marathon, so 10.55 km. The 1/4 marathon starts at the same time as the full marathon, only at a different location and uses the last part of the marathon course. There were only... Continue Reading →

Mini Marathon Recap

The first race I ran this running season was the Mini Marathon in Rotterdam with almost 2000 other runners. This 4.2 km race has the same finish as the Rotterdam Marathon. The weather was not very cooperative on race day. There were showers before the race, but I was hoping it would be dry during... Continue Reading →

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