Running in Brest, France

Running while on vacation is always fun, because you can try out new routes. If you happen to find yourself in northern France, more specifically in Brest (like I did a few weeks ago), you should go for a run.

The first thing I noticed in Brest is that the locals do a lot of sports. I came across a lot of runners and cyclists, but water sports are also popular, since Brest is located by the sea. Sailing is very popular, but I also saw a group of people aqua jogging along the shoreline.

Beach of Brest, France
Beach of Brest, France

There are two long distance trails going through Brest and I have followed them for a while (when I got a hand of following the signage). There are also cycling paths that you can follow if you prefer to run on a road surface, but would like to avoid the cars.

Besides running along the beach I really enjoyed following one of the cycling paths to the botanical garden. The garden is open to the public (walkers and runners, not cyclists), as long as you stay on the paths and don’t go fishing etc. Next to the garden there is a public park, so if you make a loop through both you can enjoy a 6-7 k run. So, if you plan your route a little, running in Brest can be really enjoyable.

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