Skechers Gorun Ultra 2 Review

I looked at my blog the other day and realised I still hadn’t reviewed these shoes, even though I’ve had them for quite a while, so here it goes. I owned a pair of Skechers Gorun Ultra before these and liked them, although I didn’t like the durability of them. So I hoped Skechers had fixed that problem in the number 2 and picked up two pair when I was in the US at one of their outlet stores. I got the grey/purple/pink version, which seemed the best choice for women, because the turquoise/hot pink version seemed too Barbie to me. No Skechers, not all women want to run in bright turquoise and hot pink running shoes….

The outsole of the Ultra 2 is the same as the original Ultra, they have only changed the upper a bit with a printed overlay. But it still has the cushion and the wide toebox of the original. Luckily, they also kept the stretch mesh on the toebox so you have enough space. And it still has a 8 mm drop (4 mm if you take out the insole) and mid-foot M-strike technology. Thus, all the things I liked about the original were still there, but unfortunately, everything I didn’t like about the original are also still there. Mainly the not very durable sole remains unchanged. I was able to get around 400 km out of the original Gorun ultras and the same was the case for the Gorun Ultra 2. After 400 km the sole is very worn and the cushioning is way less than in the beginning. Although this shoes isn’t very expensive (around €85 euros), that still isn’t a lot of kilometers. Thus, comfortable? Yes. Durable? No.

Skechers Gorun Ultra 2

Note: I purchased these shoes myself, they were not given to me for this review. All opinions are my own. I have done around 400 km in each pair.

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