Stevensloop Race review

The initial plan was to run the half marathon at the City Pier City in Den Haag on the 10th of March, but due to a storm that race got cancelled. Which was too bad, but it kind of worked out for me in the end. So, I started looking at other races and decided to transfer a bib for the Stevensloop in Nijmegen on the 17th. Since I wouldn’t be able to make the cut off time for the half marathon, I decided to run the 10k instead.

The start of the Stevensloop is only about a kilometer from the station, so I walked from the station to the bag drop where I also had to pick up my bib number. I ran into lots of familiar faces and handed out some Tailwind before dropping off my bag and heading to the start.

For some reason they had put me in the first wave, which I was fine by me. I had just started using new heart medication the week before and I still had some trouble with being dizzy, being tired and trying to find the right pace while running. Because I had trouble finding my pace, I went out way too fast the first kilometer and spent the next 3 kilometers trying to cough up my own lungs. Not a great start.

It was already windy with the occasional rain shower, but after Ruud passed me at kilometer 1 the rain turned to hail. Ouch, that hurt. There are 4 bridges included in the 10k course and the wind definitely didn’t help on the bridges.


The trying to cough up my lungs did stop, but after about 5k, there was more hail. I never really found a comfortable pace and by the time I had crossed all 4 bridges I was pretty relieved I was getting close to the finish line and that I wasn’t running a half. I actually did like the course though, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if the weather would have been better.


In the end I crossed the finish line in 1:18:09. Not my worst 10k time, but also not anywhere close a PB. Because of the weather and the new meds I didn’t really enjoy this race too much, but at least I tried.


Afterwards I ran into Niki, Martine and Renée and on my way home I also ran into Jeroen (who ran the 5, 10 and half that day) and Willie. I think I might have to try this event again to see if I enjoy it more a second time around.


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