Saucony Ride ISO 2 – It’s quite the ride

This is the second shoe from Saucony that I get to test. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Saucony Freedom ISO 2, I had some issues with the upper and the ISO fit, the same upper Saucony used on several of their models. But the Ride ISO 2 has a new upper and it’s quite an improvement. The Ride ISO 2 is a neutral road running shoe with a 27 mm heel stack and a 19 mm forefoot stack, which gives it an 8 mm drop and it comes in at 250 grams for the women’s model. 


Just like most of Saucony’s recent models the Ride ISO 2 has ISOFIT, but they seem to have changed it compared to earlier models. With the Freedom ISO 2 I struggled to make the ISOFIT work, it felt more like it was fighting against me instead of working with my foot to get the right fit. With the Ride ISO 2, I feel that it forms around my foot a bit better and together with the double jacquard mesh it makes for a comfortable upper. 

The breathability of this upper is alright, although the amount of padding does make it a little bit hot in places. The Ride ISO 2 has a pretty padded, semi-detached tongue and the collar also has a lot of padding. It does protect your achilles and ankles and it prevents hot spots. The toe box is roomy enough and although the Ride 2 is a neutral running shoe, this shoe does provide a bit of stability. Especially the internal heel counter in combination with the padding of the collar make sure your heel is securely locked in and there is no heel slippage.

I do like the look of this shoe, it’s pretty sleek and simple which I appreciate. No weird unnecessary overlays. I’ve even worn them as casual sneakers once in a while.


Saucony has two types of shoes: shoes that have a midsole completely made of EVERUN and shoes that have an Everun top layer and EVA foam as the second midsole layer. The Ride ISO 2 also has a dual-layer midsole. It has a top layer of EVERUN and the second midsole layer is made out of PWRFOAM, which absorbs most of the impact upon landing.


Like a lot of Saucony’s outsoles, the Ride ISO 2 has a Crystal Rubber outsole. Which gives good traction and is very durable. After 100 km in the Ride ISO 2, I still can’t see any wear on the outsole.


I had my regular running shoe size and that fit me just fine. I have a bit of a wider foot and this shoe had enough room for me. This shoe does have an extra eyelet to adjust the laces, but due to the padding of the tongue and collar the fit was snug enough that I didn’t need to use the extra eyelet.


The shoes were comfortable as soon as I put them on, they didn’t really require any breaking-in. Because of the padding, this shoe can be easily worn for a long time without getting any hot spots. 

For a neutral road running shoe the Ride ISO 2 is quite stable and has good traction. I even did some quite technical trails in this shoe and they held up pretty well for a road running shoe. 


I was pleasantly surprised by the Ride ISO 2. I do think the upper has improved compared to the previous version. The shoe has that nice balance between being cushioned enough for longer runs but also giving you some decent energy return due to the dual-layer midsole. I do think Saucony is on the right track again and I’m looking forward to what they come up with next.

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