Is it possible to prevent sudden death?

I noticed that there are certain topics that keep coming up time and time again amongst runners online. Most of these issues are already answered by science, but many runners out there just don't have the time to research a topic or don't know where to look. So, I thought I'd answer a few of... Continue Reading →

Seeing a sports cardiologist

I've seen quite a few doctors in the past few years, yet I still feel like I'm not getting any answers. Why doesn't my running improve? Why is my VO2max going down? Should I train differently? Is there any sign that running is doing me more harm than good? ect. So far I only seem... Continue Reading →

Seeing a doctor

(Dutch version below) Last week I went to see a doctor for a sport check up and since I am a heart patient I decided to do an extensive check up rather than a basic one. My cardiologist has told me years ago that I am allowed to exercise, but ever since I started running I... Continue Reading →

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