Running in the cold, or not.

I have been going on a lot of walks lately, but I haven’t been running much. The reason is the outdoor temperature. I haven’t been able to run, because it is too cold outside. It isn’t even that cold for this time of year, but it gets too hard for me to breath. All temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius are fine, but when it gets below that point it starts to hurt.

Since my heart rate is so high during exercise I have to breath with my mouth open and thus my body does not get the chance to heat up the air when I breath. Therefore, breathing in cold air rapidly hurts my lungs and obviously an extra layer of clothes doesn’t fix that.

I have been going to the gym lately and tried running on a treadmill, but I hate it. I run at intervals and that just doesn’t seem to work on a treadmill. So I’m going for long walks and I walk up hill on the treadmill at a decent pace and I use other cardio machines at the gym. Hopefully, this will be enough to sort of keep up my endurance until it gets a little warmer and I can get back to running outside.

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