Marathons for slow runners

Since I’m a slow runner (or rather, I’m slow because I have to walk half the time), I need to pick my races a bit more carefully. There are two things I check before I enter a race: First, check the time limit. Second, check the results of the previous year to see if any of the runners ran anywhere near that time limit.

Since the only way I can progress is by running farther (I can’t run faster really), every time I managed a new distance, I started looking at the next distance. My slow average pace isn’t really an issue for 5k’s. A bit more for 10k’s. Half’s are more difficult to find and marathons are even tougher. There’s isn’t a marathon in my home country that has a long enough time limit (shame one you Netherlands!), so I have to go abroad. It takes quite a bit of searching for me to find a long distance race that has a time limit that is long enough. And half the time race organisers don’t state the time limit on their website, so I have to go and ask them.

So, to make it a bit easier on all of you slower runners (or power walkers, if that’s what you’re into) who are looking for a longer time limit, here’s a list:

  •  London Marathon  –  8 hours
  • Athens Marathon  –  8 hours
  • Prague Marathon  –  7 hours
  • Dublin Marathon  –  7 hours
  • Rome Marathon  –  7 hours
  • Tokyo Marathon  –  7 hours
  • Cleveland Marathon  –  7 hours
  • San Diego Rock n Roll  –  7 hours
  • Arizona Rock n Roll  –  7 hours
  • San Antonia Rock n Roll  –  7 hours
  • New Orleans Rock n Roll  –  7 hours
  • Savannah Rock n Roll  –  7 hours
  • Edinburgh Marathon  –  6:40 hours
  • New York Marathon  –  6:30 hours
  • Chicago Marathon  –  6:30 hours
  • Hamburg Marathon  –  6:30 hours
  • Munich Marathon  –  6:20 hours
  • Berlin Marathon  –  6:15 hours (from last runner)
  • San Francisco Marathon  –  6 hours
  • Amsterdam Marathon  –  6 hours
  • Madrid Rock n Roll  –  6 hours
  • Nashville Rock n Roll  –  6 hours
  • Liverpool Rock n Roll  –  6 hours
  • Seattle Rock n Roll  –  6 hours
  • Montréal Rock n Roll  –  6 hours
  • Paris Marathon  –  5:40 hours (from last runner)

Am I missing any? Let me know!

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  1. San Francisco’s full is 6, 1st half is 3 and 2nd half is 3.5 (you can choose which HM you’d prefer to run). In general, it isn’t hard to find a 6 (or longer) hour limit in the US. Hamburg is 6:30. Munich is 6:20. I’ll go through my list, but I’m sure there are more 🙂

    1. US does have better time limits. Anything near 6 hours is quite difficult in the Netherlands, but outside of it not too hard. However, I need more than 6 hours to be on the safe side and then it becomes a bit more tricky.

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