Running Wish List

2017 was a good year with regards to running: I did 12 races, including my 3rd half marathon and my first marathon! And I ran 4 PBs: On the 4.2km, 5km, 8km and on the marathon (Yes, since that’s my first and only marathon so far I’m counting Berlin as a PB). And now I’ve started planning my races for 2018. I don’t have that many races planned yet, since I don’t really plan that far ahead when it comes to races and sometimes I just enter last minute.

All my medals of 2017

The main races I’ve got planned so far for 2018 are the 10 miles at the Midwinter marathon, the Limassol half marathon and the Paris Marathon. Tricky thing about the Paris Marathon is that I need a form signed by a doctor in order to pick up my bib number and so far I haven’t managed to get it signed yet… Luckily, I still have until April.

But planning my races for 2018 has got me thinking about which races I still want to run, which races should really be on my bucket list? So, I’ve started a running wish list. Although currently this list is growing rapidly in size, way faster than I could ever cross them off the list, thus I’m sure this will keep me busy for quite a few years and I’m sure I’ll add more to the list eventually. Hopefully, I’ll be able to cross a few off the list in 2018.

The list (in no particular order):

  • Great North Run
  • San Francisco half 1
  • San Francisco half 2
  • Royal Parks half
  • Blenheim palace 10k/half
  • Reykjavik half
  • Race for Life
  • Limassol half
  • Edinburgh half
  • Vienna half
  • Copenhagen half
  • Rock n Roll Arizona
  • Rock n Roll Brooklyn
  • Rock n Roll Madrid
  • London Marathon
  • New York Marathon
  • Paris Marathon
  • Dublin Marathon
  • Prague Marathon
  • Rome Marathon
  • Athens Marathon
  • Chicago Marathon
  • San Diego Marathon

What’s on your running wish list?

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