Finding the right running shoe for you

I love reviewing running products. That’s because curiosity is one of my main character traits. I’m genuinely curious about how products work and the pros and cons of a product. That’s why I don’t only write reviews, but also like reading reviews from other runners.

Do I read reviews before buying running shoes? Yes, I do. Of course, that shouldn’t be the only reason you buy a pair of running shoes. The most important thing about running shoes is that they should feel comfortable to you. But there are so many running shoes out there that finding a pair of running shoes can become a bit overwhelming. Sure, you can go to a running store and ask for advice, nothing wrong with that. But that store might not have all the brands or all the models of a particular brand. And the person helping you in the store will (understandably) advice you based on their own experience and what is available in their store.

And that’s where I think running shoe reviews (or reviews of other running products that you’re looking for) can help. I think you should first do some research online so you can find out what’s available, think about what kind of running shoe you’re looking for. Or if you’re not sure, find different types of running shoes you’re interested in. In the end, you’re the one who knows the most about your body and what it needs. Then read reviews online to find different models that might suit you and then go to that running store and try those on and maybe get some more advice. I don’t think you necessarily have to choose between online and a running store.

Online you can get information about all the brands (the big brands as well as the lesser known ones) and all models available and you can get multiple opinions on a shoe. That’s why I write running shoe reviews: to add my opinion, so there is more information on a shoe when you do your research.

I either write a review for my own blog or for On RunRepeat you can search for different running shoes and read multiple reviews on the same pair of shoes as well as check their price in different online stores.

I reviewed 6 pairs of shoes of 6 different brands in 2018 and more will follow in 2019, since there are still so many brands and models that I’m curious about.

My reviews:

Adidas Solar Boost

Adidas Solar Boost

A neutral running shoe with a 10 mm drop using the famous Boost technology.

Skechers GoTrail Ultra 4

Skechers GoTrail Ultra 4

A neutral trail running shoe with 4 mm drop and maximal cushioning.

Asics Gel Nimbus 20

Asics Gel Nimbus 20

A neutral road running shoe with a 13 mm drop and a gel cushioning system.

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

A neutral running shoe with ZoomX foam and a 10 mm drop.

361 Degrees Spire 3

361 Spire 3

A neutral road running shoe with a 9 mm drop and carbon fiber plate.

New Balance Rubix

New Balance Rubix

A motion control shoe with 8 mm drop, trying to change the definition of stability shoe by using guidance ramps.

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