361 Degrees Nemesis – Friend or Foe?

This is my third pair by this brand. I’ve tested the Spire 3 and the Strata 3 before. I liked both of those shoes, but they are also pretty similar, they are basically the highly cushioned, high milage models from 361, although the Spire is a neutral road running shoe whereas the Strata 3 is... Continue Reading →

Best running shoes of 2019

I reviewed 19 pairs of running shoes in 2019: 361 Degrees 361 Degrees Strata 3 The Strata 3 is the new mid-to-high mileage stability shoe by 361 Degrees. It has a new lacing system and is a nice plush ride. The Strata 3 is a good long, slow run training shoe for those looking for... Continue Reading →

Finding the right running shoe for you

I love reviewing running products. That's because curiosity is one of my main character traits. I'm genuinely curious about how products work and the pros and cons of a product. That's why I don't only write reviews, but also like reading reviews from other runners. Do I read reviews before buying running shoes? Yes, I... Continue Reading →

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