What’s next?

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So far, 2019 isn’t really going the way I planned. I had to start heart medication, had to say goodbye to my Boston Qualifying attempt and drop down to the half marathon in Edinburgh. So, what’s next?

I’m not quite prepared to give up running just yet and my cardiologist isn’t necessarily against me running, but it’s hard for her to say what I can and can’t do. But it doesn’t seem like a good idea to her to keep running marathons. Thus, I’m now training less and taking it easier (partially because I don’t have that much choice because of the new meds).

I’ve only ran two races so far this year, two 10 kilometers ones and I’ve said no to about 5 other races so far. My next big race will be at the end of this month on April 27th in Madrid. I’ll be running the Rock n Roll Madrid Half, or at least, I’ll try. Looking forward to exploring a new city and enjoying some good company. Plus, the shirts and medals look awesome!

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 18.33.19
Madrid Rock N Roll shirt
Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 18.33.55
Madrid Rock N Roll Half Marathon medal

And then at the end of May I’ll hopefully run the Edinburgh Half Marathon instead of the full distance. Still a bit annoyed that they wouldn’t just let me drop down to the half, but had me sign up again instead. But the rest of the trip was already booked, so I might as well just go.

I’m not prepared to give up on Chicago just yet. First of all, because it’s still more than 6 months away. And second, it has quite a generous cut off time, so in the worst case scenario, I could just take it really slow. Plus, by that time my heart medication might be doing its job at helping out my heart. Who knows. So, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of 2019 brings.

If you’d like to join me at Rock ‘n Roll Madrid you can use these discount codes: BRPMADRIDMAR19 for €10 off the marathon, BRPMADRIDHALF19 for €7 off the half and BRPMADRID10K19 for €3 off the 10k.

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  1. I was just writing about potentially running Madrid in 2020. Maybe your post from April will give me the push to pull the trigger and register for it.

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