Asics Gel-Cumulus 22: A more versatile shoe

I’ve tested Asics shoes before, however not the Cumulus. I wanted to see what the ride would be like in one of the most popular Asics shoes. Together with the Nimbus and the Kayano it is probably the most popular and well known shoe in the Asics collection and just like the Nimbus it is on its 22nd edition. 

The Cumulus 22 is a neutral running shoe and has a 31 mm heel stack and a 21 mm forefoot stacking giving it a 10 mm drop. 

It weighs 215 grams and thus a bit lighter than the previous version, which weighs 241 grams. I’m pretty surprised by the low weight of this shoe given the amount of rubber on the outsole and the gel in the midsole. 


Quite a few things have changed about this shoe compared to the Cumulus 21, including the upper. The upper has been updated in the 22nd version and it looks sleeker. It’s a seamless Jacquard mesh upper with 3D printed overlays. 

There is medium padding in the tongue and plush padding in the heel. There is a regular lacing system with an extra eyelet if you need it. 


Asics has worked on a smoother heel to toe transition in this version. The midsole is 2 mm thicker than in the previous version, which makes for a bit of a softer ride. The midsole is made up out of two midsole materials, FlyteFoam which is a softer foam and FlyteFoam Propel which gives more energy return. 

Something that hasn’t changed in this edition is the well known Asics Gel in the heel, which is good for all the heel strikers out there. There is also some Gel in the forefoot embedded in the midsole. 


There are more flex grooves in the forefoot on the 22 than on the 21, which makes this version more flexible. The Guidance Line in the middle of the outsole on the 22 is smaller than in the 21, which also helps with the smoother heel to toe transition. 

On the outsole of the Cumulus 22 Asics has used AHAR+ (Asics High Abrasion Rubber +) which is 50% more durable than the AHAR found in the previous version. 


The Cumulus 22 is a great everyday trainer that is soft enough for medium to longer distances, but you can also pick up the pace in them if you would like to. Compared to the Nimbus 22 it is a bit more of a versatile shoe, since it’s a bit lighter and also has the FlyteFoam Propel midsole material besides the regular FlyteFoam. I would keep this shoe in my rotation for those medium runs with maybe some accelerations. 


Asics Cumulus 22 vs. Asics Nimbus 22

The Nimbus is heavier 255 versus 215 grams of the Cumulus and has a higher drop, 13 mm versus 10 mm. The Cumulus is more flexible in the midsole, outsole and upper. The Cumulus also has a smoother heel to toe transition and the weight distribution is more evenly distributed than in the Nimbus. The Nimbus is quite heavy in the heel due to the large amount of Gel and therefore needs to be higher drop. 

Asics Cumulus 22 vs. Saucony Ride 13

The Ride 13 is a bit less flexible than the Cumulus and it has a lower drop, 8 mm instead of 10 mm. The midsole of the Cumulus is a bit more plush, while the forefoot of the Ride 13 has a bit more ground feel. The uppers are pretty comparable to one another, although that of the Cumulus is a bit more stretchy. 

Asics Cumulus 22 vs. Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2

The upper of the Reebok is a bit unstable, but the midsole material really helps you pick up the pace and gives you more ground feel compared to the ride of the Cumulus 22. The Cumulus is the better option for heel strikers or for medium to long runs, while the FFE2 is better for shorter to medium distances and picking up the pace. 

Asics Cumulus 22 vs. Brooks Ghost 12

Both good everyday running shoes, but the Ghost had some issues with the transition from the DNA Loft foam to the BioMoGo foam, while the Cumulus provides a smooth ride by blending the two midsole material more. The Ghost is also a bit heavier and has a 12 mm drop versus the 10 mm drop of the Cumulus. 

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