Richmond Half Race Recap

A unique race that starts in Kew Gardens, you zig-zag through the park and even pass the famous Great Pagoda. After this you continue on the towpath along the Thames. The course follows the towpath until Teddington Lock and then turns around to pass Ham house and to end in the Old Deer Park. The half marathon... Continue Reading →

Run the Boroughs

The first weekend of August I traveled to London to help my friend Melissa with her Run the Boroughs challenge. This was not an organized challenge, but a challenge she came up with on her own (and I encouraged her to do it). This meant running 5k in every London borough and since there are 32... Continue Reading →

Running in London

As in any major city, there are many places where you can go running in London. But obviously it's nice if you could go running somewhere where traffic is not bothering you too much and you don't have to wait in front of traffic lights too often. Therefore I'm dedicating a series of posts to where... Continue Reading →

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