Run the Boroughs

The first weekend of August I traveled to London to help my friend Melissa with her Run the Boroughs challenge. This was not an organized challenge, but a challenge she came up with on her own (and I encouraged her to do it). This meant running 5k in every London borough and since there are 32 boroughs this meant 160 km in a weekend! And she did it!

Since this challenge wasn’t organized, Melissa had to carry her own water and fuel with her and once in a while her logistics team (me and Melissa’s husband) would go meet up with Melissa to supply her with more water, fuel and other stuff. The rest of the time the logistics team kept track of Melissa via GPS (keeping an eye on the route, in case she got lost), checked transport connections, updated the people she was supposed to meet up with during her runs and updated Twitter.

Melissa had asked people to come running with her in one of the boroughs and almost every borough was booked. In the end 23 different people ran with her through London to help her complete this challenge. I had the honor of running the very last borough with Melissa and her husband: Westminster. By this point Melissa had already run 155 km and was very tired, so we were taking it very slow (my specialty). We ran from Kensington Gardens through Green park to the Mall, finishing in front of Buckingham Palace. Afterwards we had a bit of a party in St James’s park to celebrate Melissa’s achievement.


I’m very proud of Melissa for completing her challenge and it was an honor to be part of her logistics team! I’m glad I could be a part of it!

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