Running in London

As in any major city, there are many places where you can go running in London. But obviously it’s nice if you could go running somewhere where traffic is not bothering you too much and you don’t have to wait in front of traffic lights too often. Therefore I’m dedicating a series of posts to where to run in London.

A way to avoid traffic and not be limited in your mileage is by running along the Thames Path. The Thames Path is a long distance footpath that is over 180 miles long and thus stretches much further than the capital alone. In the city centre the Thames Path passes the famous sites such as the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, but this part of the path can be somewhat crowded by tourists.

Hammersmith Bridge seen from Thames Path
Hammersmith Bridge seen from Thames Path

If you would like to explore a slightly less busy and greener part of the path, but still remain in London, you might want to consider running from Fulham to Chiswick. You can run either on the north bank or on the south bank of the river, although the Thames Path on the north side is sometimes less straightforward because you have to go around certain buildings. The Thames Path on the south side with its trees and bushes almost makes you believe you’re in the countryside rather than in a major city. You can either run up and down one bank or run on both banks and make a kind of loop. But do keep in mind that the path can become slightly busy with runners and cyclist doing their after work exercise.

Bench along the Thames Path
Bench along the Thames Path

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