Looking back and 2019 goals

The year 2018 is almost over and thus it is time to reflect, but it is also the time to make new goals for the new year. I never really set time related goals for myself, because with my condition I'm not really sure what's within the realm of possibility.  I don't want to set... Continue Reading →

Seeing a sports cardiologist

I've seen quite a few doctors in the past few years, yet I still feel like I'm not getting any answers. Why doesn't my running improve? Why is my VO2max going down? Should I train differently? Is there any sign that running is doing me more harm than good? ect. So far I only seem... Continue Reading →

Seeing the cardiologist

I've been running for 3,5 years now and although I now run longer distances, my overall fitness hasn't really improved. I've done 3 fitness tests over the last 3 years. All of them telling me that it was ok for me to exercise, but none of those could really tell me what was causing the... Continue Reading →

No world record for me

I was looking at all the marathon world records that there are, like fastest marathon dressed as an insect, dressed as a foot, as a nut, as a doctor or even fastest marathon while flipping pancakes or on crutches. Then I looked at some records involving heart patients, like youngest open heart surgery or oldest... Continue Reading →


(Dutch version below) About a week and a half ago I had a really good run and ran a time of which I was pretty proud, but since then my runs have only gone worse. The three weeks leading up to my good run I was steadily progressing and I was happy about that. But now... Continue Reading →

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