Maurten versus Tailwind

Are you also sick of using gels? I know I am. They're often too sweet, sticky, messy, often don't taste very good and they can irritate your stomach. I already stopped using gels, I used chews instead (the Powerbar shots and the Clif bloks to be precise). But that eliminated only part of the problem... Continue Reading →

Marathon Training Part 1

There is one thing the Berlin Marathon has taught me: that against all odds I'm able to run a marathon. Something that I deemed impossible just a few years ago. Thus, I've learned that the impossible can be made possible. To the surprise of one of my doctors. She can't even believe I run half... Continue Reading →

Seeing the cardiologist

I've been running for 3,5 years now and although I now run longer distances, my overall fitness hasn't really improved. I've done 3 fitness tests over the last 3 years. All of them telling me that it was ok for me to exercise, but none of those could really tell me what was causing the... Continue Reading →

Alpe d’HuZes

It's the biggest charity fund raising event in the Netherlands, only it doesn't take place in the Netherlands... Every year 20,000 Dutchies travel to the south of France to either participate or support. The point of this "race" is not to be the fastest, but to climb the Alpe d'Huez (by bike or on foot) as... Continue Reading →

Running in London

As in any major city, there are many places where you can go running in London. But obviously it's nice if you could go running somewhere where traffic is not bothering you too much and you don't have to wait in front of traffic lights too often. Therefore I'm dedicating a series of posts to where... Continue Reading →

Affordable running clothes II

Last year I already made a post about affordable running clothes, but I thought it would be nice to show you what's in stores in 2015. I still like to shop for running clothes at Primark and H&M, since they both offer affordable basic running clothes. One piece that I've been loving this year is... Continue Reading →

Seeing a doctor

(Dutch version below) Last week I went to see a doctor for a sport check up and since I am a heart patient I decided to do an extensive check up rather than a basic one. My cardiologist has told me years ago that I am allowed to exercise, but ever since I started running I... Continue Reading →

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