Seeing the cardiologist

I've been running for 3,5 years now and although I now run longer distances, my overall fitness hasn't really improved. I've done 3 fitness tests over the last 3 years. All of them telling me that it was ok for me to exercise, but none of those could really tell me what was causing the... Continue Reading →

No world record for me

I was looking at all the marathon world records that there are, like fastest marathon dressed as an insect, dressed as a foot, as a nut, as a doctor or even fastest marathon while flipping pancakes or on crutches. Then I looked at some records involving heart patients, like youngest open heart surgery or oldest... Continue Reading →

Being held back?

In the last 20 months I went from not running at all to running 10 k races. I've seen progress in distance and a little progress in time, but it's slow. This is mainly because my heart rate doesn't go down. Normally you would expect your heart rate to go down over time when you... Continue Reading →

Running just became even harder

If running is already a challenge when you are a heart patient, it becomes even harder when you also encounter other issues. I've been running for a little over a year now. I have never stuck to a sport for more than a year before, ever! And I've finally come to terms with the fact... Continue Reading →

Energy gel

(Dutch version below) One thing that I did not think about when I started running, was that since I am a heart patient I burn energy differently while running. Since my heart rate is so high while running, my body does not have the time to get energy out of storage. This means that my... Continue Reading →

Seeing a doctor

(Dutch version below) Last week I went to see a doctor for a sport check up and since I am a heart patient I decided to do an extensive check up rather than a basic one. My cardiologist has told me years ago that I am allowed to exercise, but ever since I started running I... Continue Reading →

Not fast enough

(Dutch version below) Lately I've been bothered by the idea that my running is not progressing the way that it should. I've been running for 8 weeks now, of which the last 4 were more serious (3 times a week and actually trying to be faster). And although I do see a difference in my average... Continue Reading →

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