Christmas gifts for runners 2022

It’s that time of year again. I’ve done several of these lists over the years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021) and they don’t change a whole lot each year, but I do try to update them every time.

I live in a country which can be a bit cold and wet in winter and I get cold easily, so I appreciate some good warm and waterproof gear. 

I’m currently using the Brooks Ghost 14 GTX, the Adidas Solarglide 5 GTX and the Asics Cumulus 24 GTX and I kind of also have my eye on the Nike Pegasus 39 Shield, the New Balance 1080 V12 Permafrost or the Saucony Triumph 20 Runshield. Shoe companies are releasing more and more waterproof or water-resistant options these days. A few years ago you were only able to get trail shoes in a Gore-Tex version, but now I see more road shoes with it as well. Not only do they keep your feet dry, but they are generally a bit warmer than regular running shoes and generally have extra grip, which can also be useful in cold and maybe even icy or snowy conditions.

Top: Brooks Ghost 14 GTX
Middle: Asics Cumulus 24 GTX
Bottom: Adidas Solarglide 5 GTX

Waterproof jackets are also useful. I currently have the Mizuno 20K ER waterproof jacket. It’s waterproof but breathable. However, it’s not super warm, so either I have to layer up or if I’m looking for something a bit warmer and only need to be water resistant, I often wear one of my New Balance marathon jackets. 

Mizuno 20k ER Jacket

Parkrun has recently released some new items. So for those parkrunners out there, they now have gloves and a headband, but they also have more ways to celebrate your milestones. They now have milestone wristbands and Buffs/snoods. And I’m still hoping they’ll have hats and jackets one day and maybe a beanie would be nice as well.

Another item I’m currently using a lot this winter is my Oofos Flex. I’ve always worn my regular Oofos during summer, but wouldn’t really wear them in winter time since I get cold easily and I suffer from chilblains, so I need to try to keep my feet warm. With the Flex I can wear socks and even thick socks because I can adjust the size thanks to the velcro. So I generally wear two pairs of socks and my Flex around the house to keep my feet warm. 

Oofos Flex

And speaking of recovery, I’ve also been using several Bamboo basics products this year including their compression socks and their shirts. Since I have sensitive skin I like their bamboo products since bamboo is hypoallergenic, it regulates heat better than cotton and it’s better for the environment. 

Bamboo Basics compression socks

Shokz is currently having a Christmas sale, so this might be a good time to get a pair of bone conduction headphones. Shokz now has the OpenRun Pro and also has a Mini version of the OpenRun and OpenRun Pro now for those with a smaller head. I’ve been using the Mini lately and have also noticed it’s a little bit easier wearing those with a beanie or headband, although I’ve also worn hats with the standard size before.  

Shokz OpenRun Pro Mini

Note: I’m not getting paid by any of these brands to write this blog. They are just brands that I either use myself and think other runners might find useful or items that I think would make a nice gift for other runners. That’s all.

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