Christmas gifts for runners 2018

I already wrote a gift guide last year, but I thought I’d write an updated version of it.

Sports watch

Let’s be honest, there are lots of great running watches out there for almost every budget. It all depends on what you want the watch to be able to do. Personally, I’m a Garmin user. I used to have the Forerunner 235 and really liked it, but after 3 years it was starting to malfunction a little bit and I decided I needed a new one. I now have the Garmin Vívoactive 3. Clearly a bit less of a running watch and more of a general fitness watch. But what I do love is the Garmin Pay function. A really easy way to pay contactless with your watch. I know that in the USA and UK Apple Pay and paying with your mobile phone are already available, but in the Netherlands this is currently the only option to pay with a wearable. Garmin Pay is available for the Vívoactive 3, Forerunner 645 and Fenix 5 Plus series.

Garmin Vivoactive 3


The past year I’ve been using the Aftershokz Trekz Air bone conduction headphones and I love them (read my review). They go in front of your ear, instead of inside it. Therefore you’ll still be able to hear your surroundings. And they don’t fall off and they are water resistant, so you can still go running outside when it rains without any issues. They are wireless, so you no longer have to untangle the wire.

Aftershokz Trekz Air

Compression socks/sleeves

I don’t use compression gear a lot while running, but I do like to use it after a run. There are a lot of brands which offer compression gear. I like the Stox compression socks and have recently also discovered the Rockay Running sleeves.

Rockay sleeves and Oofos sandals

Recovery shoes

I got curious about the Oofos flip-flops after seeing them online and bought a pair. I ended up liking them so much I bought another pair not long after. Great for after a race, but I also use them as regular flip-flops since they’re so comfortable. They are nicely cushioned and they have great arch support. They really relieve the pressure off of your feet, which is great after a marathon. They now also make shoes, which are still on my wish list.

Running belt

Where do you leave your keys, phone, gels or even your drink during your run? I’ve been using a Flipbelt for years now. They now also have bottles that easily fit into the belt. There are also companies that make a similar belt, like Nathan or Spibelt for example.

Flipbelt with bottle

Warm running gear

Cold weather is currently upon us. And everyone training for a spring race will at some point have to brave the cold and go out there to train. Gloves and a hat are good to have for those colder days. I love my New Balance gloves from the New York Marathon. I can still use my phone and I don’t drop it due to the silicone layer. I’ve also bought some fleece lined running leggings at Old Navy to keep me warm.

New Balance gloves

Casual running themed clothing

Being a runner is a bit more than just a hobby, it’s more of a lifestyle, but you might not want to wear your running gear all the time (that might cause some awkward situations once in a while). I like to wear my RUNR hoodie after my run now that it’s colder. It’s nice and warm and very cosy. It’s a great way to show your passion for running and it’s also a sustainable brand. They use bio cotton and recycled materials.

RUNR shirt and hoodie


Does it also bother you that your sunglasses slide off while you’re running? It used to bother me until I tried running sunglasses, but those didn’t look that good so I mostly didn’t wear them. I now use the Goodr sunglasses, which stay on while running but you can also wear them as casual wear. And they have polarized glasses, so they are also convenient while driving, since this reduces the glare.

Running with Goodr glasses

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