Christmas gifts for runners 2019

I’ve written a gift guide in 2018 and in 2017. So, it’s time for the updated version.


I’ve been using a Flipbelt for years now. Most running clothes just don’t have enough pockets or the pockets are too small to hold your phone, keys and other things you want to take with you while you run. I can quite easily put everything I need in it and they even have water bottles that easily fit into the Flipbelt.


Tailwind Nutrition

Looking for stocking stuffers? You can give that runner in your life some Tailwind Nutrition to try. Tailwind dissolves in water at provides you all the energy and electrolytes you need during your run. They also have very comfortable beanies that are great when it’s cold outside.



Another must have are Oofos. They have flip-flops as well as closed shoes. It’s recovery footwear that’s very supportive and nice and soft, which is great after you’ve been pounding the pavement for miles and miles. To be honest, they are now the only flip-flops I wear and they are very easy to clean. The shoe version is great for colder weather.


Running light

I’m still surprised at how many runners do not wear a light when they go out running in the dark. Why not? It’s better to be seen than be sorry. Plus not only do I like to be seen in the dark and not get hit by a car, I also like to see where I’m going so I don’t go pavement diving. So, I use a body light. Not only do people see me, but I can also see the ground in front of me and I’m not blinding oncoming traffic.


Runners Heal

Who doesn’t like getting new running gear, but getting new gear and helping children in need to get food is a definite win-win. Runners Heal doesn’t only have great running gear, but each item also provides a child in Africa or the Middle-East with a months worth of meals.

Screenshot 2019-12-20 at 13.20.35


I really like the Goodr sunglasses. Not only do they look great, but they don’t bounce around on your head while running or fall off when you’re looking at the ground. They have polarised lenses to protect your eyes, they come in great color ways and they are very affordable. Hence, why I now have six pair of them. And they even have a cute Christmas edition.

Screenshot 2019-12-20 at 13.07.13


And if you like special Christmas editions, you definitely need to check out their Christmas running shoes. I have last years Ugly Christmas Sweater edition of the Levitate 2, but this year they’ve made a new Christmas running shoe of the Revel 3 that’s available in two colors. And they also have a Christmas running top.



Parkrun is a free, weekly, timed 5k event. In order to get a time at parkrun you need a barcode. There are people who will never forget their barcode, but others might forget them once in a while which means you will not get a time registered to your name. Luckily there are wristbands you can have your barcode printed on or tags you can put on your keys or on your shoe laces. And the best thing is that if you buy these you’re supporting parkrun to keep parkrun free, forever. But that’s not all. They now also have really awesome parkrun hoodies. I really need to get one.



These past few years the only headphones I’ve been using outside are the bone conduction headphones from Aftershokz, because it allows me to still hear my surroundings. This year they have a new model, the Aeropex. They have better sound, a better fit and a better battery than the previous model and I really like them. They now also have the Xtrainerz, which have a built in mp3-player so you can use them whilst swimming.




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